The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword: 28 Cartoonists Pay Tribute into Victims regarding the Charlie Hebdo Shooting

inside aftermath associated with the horrific shooting on offices regarding the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, illustrators and cartoonists throughout the world come together in solidarity aided by the 12 performers and ordinary people who passed away for the reason that event by-doing whatever they do best – attracting cartoons that express their particular ideas and emotions more eloquently than terms ever before could.

Their emails are priced between anger and defiance to grief and hope, but there is however a common thread. Its obvious that, in their eyes, individuals at Charlie Hebdo have actually died as martyrs just who championed the freedom of appearance and of the press, which are a number of the core aspects of a totally free society.

(h/t: reuters)

1. He received first

Image credits: David Pope

2. Yesterday, These Days, Tomorrow

Image credits: Lucille Clerc


Image credits: Il Giornaleo

4. Unstoppable Charlie Hebdo

Image credits: Joep Bertrams


Image credits: Ruben L. Oppenheimer

6. We avenged you

Image credits: David Fitzsimmons


Image credits: Rob Tornoe


Image credits: The Independent

9. He drew first

Image credits: Rafael Mantesso

10. I will be Charlie

Image credits: Jamesuary

11. Oh no, not all of them

EDITOR’S NOTE: Charlie Hebdo often satirized Christians besides (Image credits: Tommy Dessine)


Image credits: Ann Telnaes


Image credits: JM Nieto

14. More Powerful

Image credits: Mac Leod


Image credits: Orgulloy Satisfaccion

16. They passed away for freedom of expression

Image credits: Nono

17. Just as if we required even more humorless editors

Image credits: Nate Beeler

18. I’m Charlie

Image credits: Magnus Shaw

19. Never!

Image credits: Korneel Jeuken


Image credits: Carlos Latuff

21. Everything We do most useful…

Image credits: Dwane Powell


Image credits: Ayesha Mattu

23. Without laughter we all have been lifeless

Image credits: Nyc Occasions

24. I am Charlie

Image credits: Jean Jullien

25. Ducks (papers) will usually fly more than guns

Image credits: Boulet

26. The whole world has grown to become therefore really serious that humor is a dangerous profession

Image credits: Bernardo Erlich


Image credits: Zero

28. What’s this small tool?

Image credits: Satish Acharya