Guy Follows woman Four Blocks To the woman Car, After that Writes Her An Anonymous Letter

no one likes that creepy sense of becoming watched, especially by a random complete stranger in the road. Not just that however when you notice all of them hiding and staring, they start following you too. Nightmare situation! He, publishing regarding the subreddit TwoXChromosomes underneath the title Karlosmdq, performed exactly that to a lady on a lonely street in Belfast, UK, and penned an open page to spell out why.

Written intentionally to attract on audience in, the page has actually individuals organizing by themselves the worst while he defines their techniques, maintaining a distance and pretending to talk on their phone. Thus far, therefore creepy.

What happens after that is a surprising angle that includes kept people applauding his activities, plus many skeptics too.

Could he have done it in a better way? The lady ended up being so freaked out by him, she even took his picture. There’s a lot more to this tale, however it has actually gotten men and women talking about women’s protection whenever walking alone, and your skill if you place potential danger. Karlos informed united states that he had been afraid both for of those, and has no clue just what he’d have inked if things had escalated. “just what might have we done should they made a decision to strike the girl? And what if they decided to attack myself after she left?” he said. “As for a solution to maybe not frighten the lady, we don’t know, you will find excellent arguments in the reviews about this, however in the finish i do believe that any method might have resulted in the woman being naturally frightened, of myself or them.”

“i’d encourage anybody (not only guys) to understand their particular surroundings and therefore if they see something odd to act upon it immediately, don’t wait to see just what happens and don’t forget of call for help.”

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This story, provided by a man which followed a lady on roads, has gotten people talking about women’s safety

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After benefiting from skepticism about his form of activities, the OP decided to clean up some dilemmas

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